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Forget the damn bull from Coney Island. Check out this abandoned building there instead

Shouting out to all Coney Island visitors! There’s a better place to visit rather than searching for the lone bull on the island. And it is the Haw Par Beach Villa. This building is near the mangrove area right in the middle of Coney Island.

Looking at the familiar words Haw Par, don’t they remind you of something? That’s right, Haw Par Villa is what you would be thinking of. However, don’t confuse the 2 together. Haw Par Beach Villa is on Coney Island which was bought by the Haw Par brothers in the 1930s.


The Haw Par brothers, Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par owned many property in Singapore in the early days of Singapore’s history. Aw Boon Haw built a beach villa after he purchased the island in 1937. The island was also then known as the Haw Par Island. Although the island was later sold after WWII with many of the brothers’ property destroyed, the beach villa braved the wind, rain and sunshine and stood till this day. It is indeed a living piece of history.

While the building is now old, dirty and deserted, it still remains solid. The villa is probably built by a well-known architect of that time, Ho Kwang Yew. The design is amazingly modern and can be mistaken as a building built in recent years, if not for being run-down. The entire villa occupies about 700 square metres. In the area, a water well can also be spotted and it is thought to provide fresh water for occupants.

Now that Coney Island is bustling with visitors again, the long-forgotten villa can now serve its purpose once more. Although it can now no longer house visitors, you can feel free to explore the island and snap some pictures of this building that tells you one part of the rich history of Coney Island, the Haw Par brothers as well as Singapore.

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