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Guys, learn how to make these Gudetama cupcakes to make your girlfriend happy AF

Yep, it’s not Valentines’ but you can always pick up some ideas to DIY something for your girlfriends. It can come in handy for any special occasion or just about anytime to surprise her and make her feel happy and loved. The Gudetama is a Sanrio egg character if you haven’t heard of it and it’s so adorable because it’s so lazy! Here’s how to make these sweet little treats with chocolate Ganache fillings from a video uploaded by YouTube channel BudgetHobby. The good thing is: It’s easy, cheap and doesn’t require baking.

Ingredients for Cupcake (for 4 cupcakes)
120gm flour
½ teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs
100gm sugar
pinch of salt
65gm cooking oil
65gm milk
food coloring (yellow & white)

Ingredients for Filling (for 4 cupcakes)
50gm whipping cream
40gm dark chocolate


First, prepare the chocolate ganache filling by melting the whip cream and dark chocolate in a steamer. It’s ready as long as it looks like chocolate sauce or syrup. Fill the chocolate sauce in a mould of your choice for at least 2 hours(or until it sets). For the cupcake, mix the eggs, sugar, salt and cooking oil in a big bowl and beat for 3 minutes on high speed (or until it thickens). Add in milk and beat again until the texture is smooth and nice. Combine the dry ingredients – the flour, baking soda and baking powder. Sift in half of this combination into the bowl and mix well with a spatula. Mix in the rest of the powder and flour. Repeat the mixing with spatula. Scoop 1 teaspoon of the mix into 2 separate small bowls.

Add the yellow food coloring into the big bowl of mixture while adding the white food coloring into the 1 of the small bowls and black food coloring into the other small bowl. Transfer the white and black mixes into piping bags as these are to decorate the cupcakes. Prepare the cupcake liners in fitting containers and fill the cupcake liners ¼ full with the yellow batter. Steam for 3 minutes in boiling water and place the frozen chocolate fillings on top of the ¼ filled cupcake. Complete the cupcake by filling up the rest of the yellow batter and draw Gudetama’s face with the white and black pipings respectively. Steam for another 12 minutes and check if it’s done. There you go, Gudetama cupcakes!

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