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Here’s why young S’poreans think they’re the most important person in the world

You’ll have to admit this: you’ve a friend who thinks the earth is spinning because of him alone. Everyone must do what he says, if not he’ll get angry and give unreasonable premises. Or maybe you’re that friend.

The fact remains that in Singapore, there’re way too many people who fail to keep their ego in check, and evidences are everywhere on the Internet. Usually, you’ll see that they’re young Singaporeans—those with high sense of self-entitlement as if the world owes them everything they want. Of course, this is very subjective, but let’s face it: to some extent, you do agree, don’t you?

After all, we’re practically talking about ourselves—everyone in the office belongs to the Gen-Y, so we’ve got no reason to shoot ourselves in the foot.

So, what exactly contributes to this? Yes, it could be from parents’ upbringing, whereby they treat their kids like princes or princesses and therefore the kids bring that mindset everywhere. But there’s one more theory that is pretty much hidden, subtle and disturbing: the Internet has changed you.

You see, with Internet practically taking over the lives of the Gen-Y, it’s common for one to spend more time on the Internet than with the real world. The Internet tells you about the world, but it doesn’t show you the world.

What’s more damning is that when you’re sitting on your desk, looking through people’s profiles, your world comprises you, a real, living person who needs food and water, and the digital world. Everyone else is a Facebook profile except you who can feel the world.

So what happens when you explore the world through the lens of the Internet? One consequence is loneliness, but another is that you’ve become more important. I mean, you’re real, and everyone else is a Facebook profile. How can you not be important?

Going to a wedding, seeing the bride and groom smiling and shaking their hand will show you it’s their important day, and that they’re important. But merely typing “Congratz!” on Facebook is, well…just another comment. You’re still important, because you know they’ve married, but it’s all just digital to you.


Think about it—it might take a while for you to digest, but you should get the idea once you’ve really gone through it. Seeing people suffering right in front of your eyes instead of reading people suffering online makes a lot of difference.

Our solution? Get off the Internet. If you’re more addicted to the Internet, you’re just building a thicker wall between you and the world, and of course when you’re a frog in a well, you’re damn important.

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