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Hillview Mansion: The most haunted house in Singapore

If you’re familiar with the name and yet pretty sure you never went there before, it’s probably because of it’s reputation – it’s one of the most haunted places in Singapore. And when you think about the sheer number of haunted places in Singapore, being one of the top means that it must be pretty damn scary.

Located at Bukit Batok, Hillview Mansion can be found right at the end of Jalan Dermawan, at the very highest altitude allowed on Bukit Gombak. Originally planned as the dream house of any self-assured millionaires, it was abandoned mid-project and has since been deserted.

Conspiracy theories run amok of why this particular estate is haunted, and one rumor whispered of the mistress who used to stay in the house. Apparently she had died from a fall off the unfinished balcony, during an overview of the construction progress. Ever since then her spirit has been restless, waiting for her perfect house to be finished.

Then of course we have the wannabe ghost hunters, who flock to ‘haunted’ estates every weekend just for the thrills. Interestingly, all their accounts of Hillview Mansion shared a single similarity: someone seemed to be living there, and he or she wasn’t friendly.

One particular account spoke of a generic thrill-seeking ride to Hillview Mansion. According to the writer, he had gone there with a group of friends. Initially there was nothing much, and they just explored the house and hammered some bricks with a spare one found on the floor. Things slowly took a creepy turn, however, and the writer started hearing weird sounds, like a door getting slammed. His friends were totally oblivious though. When he felt someone pushing his back at the top of a staircase, he urged his friends to leave quickly, only to get rebuffed because they didn’t experience the same thing.

Gradually, the rest of the group began seeing strange things. One felt a strange, creepy gaze watching them; another heard beer bottles being broken against the walls. Frightened, they dashed back towards the front door, only to see the same hammer on the balcony lying in front of them.


Once they reached a ‘safe’ point, they gave the pictures they had snapped at the mansion a check over. While the bulk of them were clear, one stood out. In it, a blurry outline covered the picture. When they traced the outline, they gasped in shock. The blurred figure seemed like a body with a head.

Still doubtful? You can always give the mansion a visit. But be warned though; you might just find someone waiting for you.

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