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How To Reject A Guy While Not Hurting His Feelings

Being rejected sucks. No matter what your reason, the other party would feel hurt but there are ways to sugar coat it and make it less hurtful for the guy who’s crazy about you.


“I have a boyfriend”
Although this is one line that will definitely deter suitors, only say this when you really do have a boyfriend. It is important to always reject someone politely and respectfully; lying is not the way to go.

“I want to focus on my studies/career at the moment”
When facing a love confession, you can say this to let him know that no matter what he does, you are not interested in a romantic relationship at the moment. Everybody has different life goals and a relationship just isn’t what you wish to focus on at that very moment.

However, never give him false hope and say things like “maybe it could happen in the future” thinking that it will help with his pain. He might begin to think that he hasn’t worked hard enough to win your heart even though you know for sure that you will never be interested in him.

“I value our friendship and I hope that we can still remain friends”
In cases where you and your suitor are good friends, this line is perfect. He may agree to stay friends or he may not but you should always respect his decision even if he says the latter. Different people cope with rejection in different ways, perhaps staying away from you is his own way of dealing with it. Just remember not to take it too personally.

“You’re a fantastic guy but I don’t feel that way about you”
Sometimes being honest is the best way to reject someone. We don’t mean that you should be blunt and brutal about it either. The first part of the line helps cushion his heartbreak.

Never say things like “it’s not you, it’s me” because it can sound like you are patronising him even though you don’t mean it.

Stop contacting him
If the two of you were never friends in the first place to begin with, it is best to stop contacting him. Give him time to heal and move on from you. Be considerate and respectful about his feelings.

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