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If you buy fake flowers this Val’s Day, you’ll regret forever. Here’s why

Some girls just like roses, but the thing is, during Valentine’s Day, the prices of roses increase drastically, just like how prices of bak kwa increase during Chinese New Year. You see, for bak kwa, at least we can eat them—but roses, roses they just wither and die no matter what you do.

So, whether you’ve a girlfriend or have a valentine (good luck, Bro!) and are looking to buy roses, you’ll be tempted to just buy a fake one—those that you can find in gift shops or even in supermarket.


Here’s one simple advice for you: don’t.

Some girls believe that giving fake roses show how fake you are—since your roses are fake, everything about you could be fake as well. She might just believe that your personality is fake, too.

To some girls, buying fake flowers is akin to buying fake bags or jewelry for her. Think about it: would you buy a fake LV bag for your girl? No? Then why the fake roses?

There’s another logic, too. Some girls believe that if you really like her, you would be willing to spend on the real thing instead of just cutting corners.

However, if you really insist on giving fake flowers, here’s what you should do: Tell her about it, and promise her that one day, when you’ve earned enough, you’ll buy real flowers for her. And of course, buy the real flowers after Valentine’s Day: it’s much cheaper, and most importantly, you just successfully got next date.

Smooth AF, eh?

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