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If you can guess how old she is correctly, we’ll eat our fists

Just an introduction of this babe before anything: her name is Candy Law, she’s a former Miss Asia winner, she’s from Hong Kong and recently, she has just released a photobook. The first print of her photobook, at 3,000 copies (that’s considered a lot for a small market like Hong Kong), has been sold out. She has over 2,500 Facebook Likes.

Okay, enough of her. Now let’s move on to the juicier part: she’s fifty years old.

Yes, five-zero.

Now that you’ve known her age, and that the cat is out of the bag, here’re the facts that kind of match her age and not her looks: she is a mother of three and used to be a full-time mother. Now, she’s making a comeback with her stunning looks and let’s face it: that “wow” factor when you realize she’s 50 and not 20.


According to many sources, all her photos you see online are not Photoshopped: playing with angle and makeup, maybe yes, but no digital enhancement.

We tried to find out her secret in keeping her youth but somehow, it was not revealed. Maybe it’s not collagen after all—and we’re sure she can make a killing by selling her secret. If there is any, that is.

And now, to the last point: is she available? Well, she was divorced two years ago…hey, Bro, where’re you going?

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