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If your boyfriend has these 8 hidden traits, he’ll make a good husband

Do you know who exactly are you going to marry? Not many girls know, but they do know what they want in a husband. Although there is always the option of divorce, all girls want a “Happily ever after” and not a “Happily ever after *(T&Cs apply)”. There are some very important qualities that you should not overlook when trying to decide if he is “The One” to marry, so see if your boyfriend has these traits before you decide on whether he’d be a good husband.

He teaches you something worth learning.
He doesn’t allow you to stay stagnant. After all, married life is about accommodating each other and becoming  better people through learning and growing with each other. If he is constantly encouraging you to learn, or sets examples, you can be sure that he will be a good husband and father.

He likes to stay in.
When you get married, you will have a home that you can truly call your own. If he is the kind who loves to go out rather than staying at home, he might not be ready for married life. Staying at home means that he can spend more time reconnecting with you on a deeper level, rather than partying away the night.

He does not restrict your freedom.
Getting married doesn’t mean that your entire selves belong to each other. You are still your own person. A good boyfriend will respect that in a relationship and even after you get married, meaning, he will be a good husband.

He gives in during petty quarrels.
 This shows his high maturity level. A good husband will be able to see the bigger picture and be the bigger person. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to be as unreasonable as you want all the time!


He manages his anger well.
This is a pretty touchy topic, but still, it has to be addressed. Does he remain calm outwardly but criticises you with stinging verbal remarks? Abuse can be emotional or physical – it’s still abuse. A good husband will talk it out calmly with you while keeping his temper under control.

He is ambitious.
He thinks about both of your futures and makes big plans to achieve goals for the common good of your relationship. Even if both of you are planning to work after marriage and having kids, he does not shelve his career plans just because there is another source of income in the household.

He has his own interests.
Sharing common interests might sound sweet, but it does get a bit overwhelming especially if you are spending the rest of your life with him. To give each other some privacy and space, it’s best if your boyfriend is able to spend some time alone that doesn’t always involve you being around.

He is good with kids.
Generally, most people get married to start families of their own. If he loves kids and/or they love him, you can tick off one more thing on the list of prerequisites to being a good husband. A good father = a good husband.

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