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If your date asks these 8 questions, don’t ever go for the second date

Going on the first date is always the most exciting, yet the scariest. From what to wear to what to ask, you won’t want to make a bad impression. At the same time, there are also some lousy and really irritating question that you won’t want your date to ask at all. Here are 8 questions that can scare your first date away.

What is your salary?
First of all, asking about what your date is working as if fine. It’s a step to getting to know each other. However, anything further, especially related to specific amounts of money seems to be too much. On a first date, asking such questions may mean that the person cares a lot about your earnings. If you earn a lot, you may worry about the intentions. If not, then you might worry if your date judges you by your earnings.


Who did you vote for?
Woah. So what’s the point of this question anyway? Most people will naturally be put off by this question.

Do you see our relationship going anywhere?
Erm, hello? Just a reminder: this is only your first date. If your date asks this, feel free to wake him/her up from his/her dreams.

Why did you break up with your ex?
This is the potential question to just make the whole date awkward and ruined. You won’t want to answer this question and make everything bad but avoiding this question makes it seem like you don’t want to share.

What do your parents do?
Okay. So why do your parents matter at this point in time? Does it mean that what your parents do will affects his relationship with you? Just give up on this kind of dates.

Are you on a diet? OR Do you normally eat so much?
This may apply more to women than to men. Obviously, if they eat little, they’re just trying to keep up an image. And if they eat normally, they’re just themselves.

How many children do you want?
No one asks this on a first date. Because no woman is a sow. She’s not there to just give birth. And baby plans are way too early. As for men, I suppose most will be scared by the thought of having heavy responsibilities of taking care of children.

Do you love me?
Say NO. Turn and go.

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