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If your man has done these 7 things to you, never let him go. Propose to him if needed!

Many men like to maintain their dignity but if your man is willing to throw all of it (or most of it) away by doing things for you, you might have a keeper on your hands. Even if they aren’t too vocal about their love or feelings, men actually show their love in ways that you might not have realised. If your boyfriend has done all these things, he is definitely someone to keep around for a long, long time. Better put a ring on it if you don’t want to lose such an awesome guy to others!


He likes to make you smile.
Notice it’s not “he makes you smile” but it involves actually trying to make you smile. A man who loves you wants you to be happy at all times whenever both of you are together, and he will try to the best of his ability to make that happen.

He smiles subconsciously when he thinks about you.
Even when he’s in a terrible mood or stuck on the Causeway from JB to Singapore, hearing your voice or even just thinking of you will make the corners of his mouth turn up. Though you might not be able to witness it, he will really do it.

He wants to be close to you.
Some men might shy away from body contact in public, but not your boyfriend. He wants you to be close by his side so that he can easily protect you, and also because physical closeness is just as important as an emotional connection.

He likes your natural self.
We are not trying to say that he should dislike you with make-up, but that he loves you no matter how you look or act. There is no need to brush your hair or wear something fancy to catch his attention – he will say you look beautiful no matter what.

He listens to you.
And we mean, really listen, not just giving a non-committal grunt here and there. Even when you are criticising his bad habit, he makes an effort to listen even if he wants to defend himself immediately.

He notices your little actions.
He memorises how you screw up your face when you see something you hate, or how you subconsciously brush your hair away from your face. He knows all your little quirks and might even tease you by imitating you.

He always makes eye contact with you.
There is nothing more true than the saying “The eyes are the windows to the soul” and he knows it. He loves to gaze at you when you are being serious or when you are laughing. He doesn’t care if it looks mushy or like a scene where Romeo first met Juliet.

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