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If you’re having menstrual cramps, these magical foods would help!

If you are one of those lucky few who have never experienced period cramps before, get out of our faces now before we make you suffer the same pain. All women who have been through this would dread the time of the month, twelve times a year. It’s a horrible feeling.

However, we can definitely do something to help ease the pain and suffering, by eating these food items that will make your pain disappear like magic! Or at least, minimize it.

Fishes like salmon and tuna are chock-full of Omega 3, which are crucial in decreasing the severity of the pain.

Obviously, don’t take a piece of ginger and chew it down like a wild animal. Make ginger tea with it – the heat from the tea can make you feel a lot better while ginger itself is great for reducing the pain.

Red meat
Some period cramps result from a low level of iron in your blood, so replenish your iron count by eating more red meat like steak or chicken.

Hawthorn Berry
This traditional Chinese fruit is multi-functional. Besides reducing your period pains, it also helps you to stay slim and revitalises your skin. Magical or not?!

Red dates
Sweet dates are better than real dates when you are having your damn cramps. Guys, remember this piece of advice when your girlfriends are screaming at you for committing a crime you didn’t even know.


Rose tea
Besides relieving cramps, the floral tea also aids in soothing your emotional mood swings. This ensures that you will stop whining and complaining over how your cramps are killing you.

Dark Chocolate
Having a sweet treat is going to lift your spirits. Also, dark chocolate can help your muscles to relax, ridding you of those pesky cramps.

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