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Indian mum gang-raped mercilessly, her baby killed

This news is horrifying, and definitely not for the fainthearted.

Indian mum gang-raped

On May 29, a 19-year-old new mother was reportedly brutally gang-raped by three men in Gurugram, near Delhi, India. She had boarded a shared auto rickshaw where both her co-passengers were males.

The three barbaric men saw this as an opportunity and along with the driver took turns to brutally rape her. But that wasn’t the end of her ordeal. It was actually the beginning.

Seeing that the woman also had a six-month-old baby with her, they flung her baby next to where she was raped- a desolated spot on Gurugram’s Manesar road.

After allegedly brutalising her for hours, the men fled from the scene, leaving the survivor and her baby behind.

What happened next will shock you…

Seeing that it was more than 2 am with no help around, the 19-year-old victim promptly ran towards her baby, picked her up and got in another auto rickshaw to reach her in-laws’ place in old Gurugram.

From there she boarded the train with her father-in-law and ran to two hospitals. Both of which declared her baby dead. She then got off at MG Road and accompanied by her husband and the cops, went to register a complaint and help the police create sketches of the rapists.

Her ordeal horrified even the cops

During her FIR registration process she narrated her ordeal and spoke about her thoughts while she was being brutalised.

“I became numb from that point. All I remember is seeing my child’s head hitting the road divider,” she was reportedly quoted as telling the police.


This incident has left the family shattered and the rest of the nation shell-shocked.

We ask today, is there no humanity left? Where is our conscience?

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