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Ladies, you need to do these 10 things before you get married

Marriage is probably the biggest milestone in many women’s lives. You separate from your parents, start living with another person for the rest of your life (hopefully), and may even start your own family.

However exciting this may be, you have to admit that after marriage, your freedom to do whatever you want would be greatly reduced, so take more time off before you get married to do these things!

Go on a trip with your girlfriends
Create some beautiful memories with your best friends, and what better way to renew friendship ties than to go on a road trip? After all, you don’t want to look at your photo albums and see nothing else besides family trips right?

Go on a backpacking trip with your fiance
If you haven’t, go for it! A backpacking trip requires you to think on your feet and deal with unexpected situations, unlike a planned tour. This is great for previewing a glimpse of the ups and downs of your married life together.

Spend more time with your parents.
After you get married, you will be moving out permanently. This also means that you will spend a lot less time together. Take this chance to strengthen your familial ties and be filial to them!

Save money.
Even if you have already agreed not to work after getting married, every woman still need her own savings. Even if you are still working, it’s always good to save for rainy days since you will also have to share your fiance’s problems.

Learn to cook.
This might be traditional, but at least learn to cook a few decent dishes that you can actually put on the table. It’s unhealthy to take away food all the time (and expensive too)!

Go through a big fight and make up.
Not purposely of course, but you should have at least had one major quarrel. This can help to prepare you for future disputes, since after getting married, breaking up is not as easy as changing your Facebook relationship status.

Upgrade and improve yourself before you get married. Furthermore, more education also helps to broaden your mind and be more accepting of your partner’s flaws.

Do something you fear.
Be it skydiving or bungee-jumping, take the biggest risk you can think of. This will give you the confidence to pull through your marriage at low points, since you have already risked it all before!

Discuss details of married life.
Finances, kids, work–all these are aspects that you should discuss thoroughly with your fiance to avoid any misunderstandings in future!

Fulfill any other dreams that you have.
They could be really simple things such as picking up a hobby, but doing it before marriage will give you closure to your life as a single person!

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