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Ladies, show your love for your NSF boyfriend with these 4 ways to make his day

The articles that surround the topic of National Service are usually those that involve cheating and other controversies. However, this one is different. Girls with boyfriends who are enlisted, listen up! ShopBack is giving you girls some tips on making your government-owned boyfriend happy while spending quality time together.


You need to know that your National Service Full-time (NSF) boyfriend has time and energy constraints. Understanding his routines would be best. Once you’ve learned what his schedule is like, you can then plan these activities around his free time. Notice that these activities require little travelling. Remember, staying indoors is great fun too! Plus, your boyfriend gets to recharge before heading back to camp.

1. Online Shopping Spree


By now, your boyfriend should be drained of the same frayed clothing that he wears over and over again. It’s time for some change. Go shopping. Online. Instead of hitting the town and mindlessly entering every shopping mall around the area, stay indoors and shop online instead. ShopBack is a huge online shopping mall by itself. What’s even better than an actual shopping mall is that we pay you a percentage of your online purchase in the form of cashback!

So make yourselves comfortable, whip out 2 computers and get on with shopping online. ShopBack carries more than a hundred merchants, all with cashback! Visit us here to see them!

2. Groupon staycation


If your boyfriend’s service to the nation requires him to book in every Sunday night and book out every Friday (a routine every Singaporean male loves to hate), do this little treat. A staycation for just one night is more than enough to keep your relationship feeling fresh.

3. Exercise together… Or not


While some guys would prefer sitting around at home all day, there are those that would rather get up on their feet to run the distance. This is especially true for NSFs who yearn to pass, maintain or increase their IPPT standards. If your boyfriend is one of those selected few, he’s a keeper of course. Subsequently, you should accompany him on his journey. Through thick and thin, they say. Here’s where you prove it by running the distance with him.

Well, alright, perhaps you’re not as fit as a fiddle to be going up against your healthy boyfriend. Let us offer you an alternative – buy him energy bars. He could probably even bring them back to camp and have them before IPPT.

A1 Supplements.com is the place for this. We recommend getting the Quest Bar that comes in 12 which costs USD 24.99 after a 25% in-house discount. The energy bar comes in 11 different salivating flavours like chocolate chip cookie dough and white chocolate raspberry. To further the in-house discount, if you’ve click through ShopBack, you’ll get 7% cashback! This means you’ve only paid USD 23.24 while the original price is USD 33.48. Shop A1 Supplements for delicious nutrition here!

4. Plan a pizza party

Two things will be definite about your boyfriend. He’ll be tired and hungry. But more hungry than tired. It’s time to make him eat till he drops. Don’t worry, he’ll burn off those calories within 2 hours once he gets back to camp. The one food that all NSFs crave (strangely), is fast food. It’s amazing how every guy will head straight to the nearest fast food outlet after booking out to binge out. However, your job is to up his fast food game by a notch. With a collaboration from ShopBack and FoodPanda, this is possible!


Plan a pizza party just for the 2 of you! Canadian Pizza has an online special that is only available until 15 February 2015. Get 2 10” Regular Super Value Pizza for the cheapest price of only $21. 3pc Chicken Wings will be added into your order for free! To add into the good news, if you’ve click through ShopBack’s portal, 8% of our purchased amount will be returned to you. So you’ve actually paid only $19.11. That’s below $20! Get feasting with FoodPanda here!


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