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Man Got so Drunk, He Woke Up inside an Underground Sewer

What’s the worst thing you did when you got drunk? Pass out at the toilet bowl? Flip a random lady’s skirt? Or start doing the dab everywhere?

Well, a man just upstaged every single drunkard in the world. I mean, who gets drunk and ends up inside an underground sewer?

No I’m not kidding. Check it out yourself.

Image: Sanook & Kenwooi

This 29 year-old-man that hails from Chiang Mai, Thailand, was shocked to discover that he was stuck inside a sewer beneath a city street, with absolutely no memories of how he got there.

Confused and scared, he started to shout for help, and luckily his calls were heeded. Pedestrians responded and called for the police.

Now what’s puzzling was that he wasn’t anywhere near an exit, and that’s the reason why he couldn’t just escape himself. When the police arrived they directed him to a manhole roughly 10m away where they pulled him up.

Image: Sanook

The police were kind enough to let the sewage-reeking poor guy go back and shower, but they wanted him to return to the police station and explain the events that happened.

Or maybe they themselves couldn’t tahan the smell.

However, the 29 year-old-man couldn’t remember anything at all. All he could muster was that he had gone drinking with his friend; everything else was a blur. He did lose his wallet, a luxurious gold necklace and a collectible King Rama V Coin though. Police investigations are still ongoing.

Now, if you want to drink, make sure to drink responsibly. Or you could always have trustworthy friends to get your back.

Trust me; I’m a certified poor drinker whom has had my ass hauled back home on more than one occasion by a fed-up friend.

But at least I’ve not ended up in a sewer #justsaying



Featured Image: Sanook & Kenwooi

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