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Popular blogger goes for her 5th plastic surgery, and the Internet went crazy

What will you do if you were given a fully sponsored trip to Korea for a facelift? Would you accept it?
For Blogger,  Ang Chiew Ting or known by her online monicker Bong Qiu Qiu, she accepted it with open arms – on multiple accounts.


Last year, she underwent a major plastic surgery in Seoul which included jawline reduction, zygoma (bony arch of the cheeks) reduction, chin augmentation and paranasal implants. In 2013, she went for a nose job and fat grafting treatment to fill up her face and in 2010, she went through breast-filling treatment for free. If all that was not enough, last month, she went to Korea for a fully sponsored facelift and a double eyelid procedure.

Her latest plastic surgery caused quite a commotion over the Internet,  garnering mixed comments from neitzens about her most recent surgery.  Some commented that being an online personality, she has “low self-esteem” and is “insecure” which accounts for the countless times that she has gone under the knife. In response to that, she claimed that she went through all the procedures for the mere fact of looking “good and presentable” and she was not “doing it to look perfect”. In fact, Bong Qiu Qiu adds that she encourages all new mums to not give up on their appearances and become a “huang lian po”, and to continue to doll up, dress up, diet and exercise.

When asked if she would consider going for another plastic surgery, she commented that she is pretty much done for now, and that she would not do anything so major in the near future. If any, she would probably do minor “touch ups” like fillers and botox.

Reading this article got us wondering – is it worth going through so much trouble and pain just for “looking good and presentable”? Yes, it is every woman’s dream to look attractive, but what if it we start to get lost in this  never-ending chase for perfection that we choose to be oblivious to? What do you think?

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