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This Rare Gem in Marina Square has Buffet All Day for About $15

How does this sound: order a main course for about $15, and you’ll be entitled to a free buffet with free-flow drinks and ice-cream as well?

And how does this sound: the restaurant is located in town, just next to an MRT station?

Hifumi Singapore, a Japanese restaurant in Marina Square, does just that: once you order a main course that can range from $14.99 to $20++, you’ll get a free array of free-flow “appetizers”, and I’ve quoted the appetizers because unless you’ve been inside the restaurant, you would be surprised that they look more like a buffet than “free-flow appetizers”.

Known more famously as the restaurant that brings in collagen hotpot in Plaza Singapura, the PS outlet ceased operations on May 2015, but the lesser-known Marina Sqaure outlet has been providing the same food and service.

Now, how is the range of their buffet? Here’s the January 2017 menu.

Image: Facebook (Hifumi Singapore)

Yes, not a lot, but here’s the thing: how much can you have, when you’ve already got one main course with you? I for one could not even move after having my main course and just a bit of every appetizer.

Also, from what I understood, there seemed to be more—like Takoyaki and soft-serve ice-cream. Maybe they just couldn’t squeeze so many foods in one picture, just like how you can’t squeeze all of them into your stomach.

The number of main courses, however, isn’t extensive: while there’s still the popular collagen hotpot to keep the ladies young, it’s pretty limited.

However, what sets this restaurant apart is its change in its appetizers buffet menu every month—just take a look at December 2016’s menu!

Image: Facebook (Hifumi Singapore)

In other words, you’ll be greeted with a whole new array of buffet dishes every month; how cool is that for an affordable meal in town?

Now, to the taste: I don’t speak for everyone, but I’ve got to admit that during my time there, the “Pork Collar in Ginger & Honey Lemon”, a buffet dish only available this month (January 2017), could well be the best “三层肉”I’ve ever eaten.

As for the main dish…well, and to be honest, with the number of buffet dishes, it’s easy to ignore the main course, which somehow became my side dish instead.

It’s not a place for Instagram, but it’s definitely a place to fill up your stomach at an affordable price in town. Do check it out when you’re there—and no worries, so far, there hasn’t been quite a queue.



Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-106A, Marina Square, 039594
Phone: 6337 4721
Opening Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. & 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m

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