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Say this to your girlfriend when she’s angry and she’ll melt and hug you immediately

Feeling lost and don’t know what to do after quarrelling with your girlfriend? Unable to put down your pride and take the first step to apologizing? Guys, it’s time to make a change!

“Baby, I’m sorry. I love you.”
The first and most important step of all, is to  apologise. Yes, apologise, no matter who’s right or who’s wrong, apologise. Just by saying these magical words, “Baby, I’m sorry. I love you.” You will realise how much difference it’ll make. Your girlfriend will actually calm down by herself after hearing your apology, and realise what went wrong between the two of you, and in some cases, she might even realise that it’s actually her mistake.

In most cases, both parties are in the wrong; you just have to take the first step and a crisis will be averted.

Giving in
Being in a relationship is about giving in to each other, knowing each other’s flaws and accepting it, and being a guy, you have to put down your pride and ego, take the first step in apologizing to her. Like I said, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, just apologise, it will calm things down.

Imagine yourself arguing with her about who’s right and who’s wrong, even if you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve made matters worse just by arguing with her. If she gives in to you, that’s fine, but if she doesn’t, it might just end badly. Don’t let this happen if you really love your girl, most girls, including yours, likes to be pampered and doted on. She’ll realise how much you actually love her by giving in to her when problems/arguments arise.

Make her smile or cry
Quarrels and arguments can actually end up in smiles and laughter. One special working method to make her smile after an argument is try acting cute. Who says only girls are allowed to act cute? If you’ve never done it before, that’ll be even better, simply because she’ll find it so cute (even though you might look stupid) and amusing.


Finally, what I meant by making her cry is not literally hurting her in any way but touch her heart. Look at her in her eyes sincerely (just like how they act in love dramas) and tell her you love her, let her know how much she meant to you, and let her know that you’re in the wrong. Actions speak louder than words, so when you have actions + words, she’ll be moved even when she’s angry, she’ll melt and hug you immediately.

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