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See 80 years of Singapore in 16 minutes with this well produced video

Ever wondered to learn about the history of Singapore but not though boring history lessons or textbooks? If so, then this video is just right for you. Directed by Ervin Han, this video, entitled “The Violin”, this video demonstrates the journey of a violin through 80 years of Singapore history, which enable you to witness the rich and eventful history of Singapore (80 years of Singapore to be precise) in just 16 minutes, along with good music.

This movie starts off in the late 1930s, Boat Quay, Singapore. A foreign trade gives a young boy a violin, which becomes a treasured possession as he teaches himself to play the instrument over several years, until the Japanese occupation, where it was lost. After the Japanese left, the violin was found by a man working for the British Military Administration and given to his young daughter. She learns from it and overtime, became a renowned violinist over the decades. She eventually passes the instrument on to her grandson, an accomplished violinist himself. The grandson restores the violin and plays it in a concert in the Singapore River, which was the exact place where the violin started its journey and comes up full circle.

This short film, which was part of SG50 showcase, serve as a reminder for us about the nation’s past, struggles and journey – from the Japanese Occupation to the tumultuous political years that led to the country’s separation from Malaya, followed by the decades of rapid development up to the present day. We are able to witness see a young nation’s landscape evolve from a bustling and problematic 1930s, where there was an influx of people and locals are plagued by bad sanitation, water-supply problems, man-eating tigers and piracy, not to mention the political games and unrest, to dark days of the Japanese Occupation from 1942 to 1945, where the Japanese ruled Singapore with an iron fist and slaughtered, raped, abused and murdered the daylights out many people in Singapore. It also showcased sweeping political changes that lead to its independence, such as the merger and separation of Malaya, gaining of independence, formation of the PAP and the rebuilding of Singapore by Lee Kwan Yew and the PAP into the dynamic and viable entity it is today, as well as one of the most developed countries in the world as industrialisation paid off, and ambitious infrastructure, defence, health, education, pension and housing schemes were pursued.

It is really awesome how one can pack up to 80 years of Singapore’s history into one very moving and meaningful short film that reminds us of how lucky we, the younger generation were as compared to the people in the past, and that we, the younger generation, are the pillar to Singapore’s future and that we must give it our all to our country because this is our home, truly; where we know we must be.

To see the wonderfully made video by Ervin Han, click on the following link below

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