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SP Now Has So Many Vending Machines, Japan Would Be Worried

Japan is pretty reputable for three things: manners, fetishes and vending machines.

But it seems that you don’t have to fly all the way to Japan anymore (or at least for the last point). Why?

Because there’s apparently a 28 strong vending machine cluster in Singapore, that sports items ranging from Brand’s essence of chicken to powerbanks.


And it’s not located in some out-of-the-way atas mall either.

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for my alma mater:

Singapore Polytechnic.

Image: Straits Times
Image: Meme Center

This cluster of vending machines purportedly has it all too: Brand’s essence of chicken, handphone chargers and even powerbanks.

There are even two sound-proof karaoke booths with a pair of chairs and microphones each, for the Jay Chou and JJ Lin wannabes!


According to Straits Times, final-year students created the project, known as Innomall, as part of the entrepreneurship option of the Diploma in Business Administration course. It was launched on Tuesday (12 December).

Singapore Polytechnic’s Business School has also claimed that the 28 machine-strong Innomall in the school’s foyer is the “largest cluster of vending machines in Singapore”.

With seventeen companies marketing their products via the vending machines to at least 16,000 students, the project is valued at nearly $200,000.

“It allowed the students to get involved in setting up the project from the start from research and planning all the way to deployment,” Mr Kenneth Wong, the lecturer in charge of the project, said.

And it seems that it won’t just be the foyer either.

The Innomall may yet expand to other parts of the school, in small clusters consisting of 10 to 15 vending machines.

First-hand experience

Miss Jermain Hong, a 20-year-old final year student in the Entrepreneurship module of the Diploma in Business Administration course, said the project has given her a “first-hand experience at running a business.”

“This out of classroom learning is better than just sitting in a classroom and answering any questions that the lecturer asks,” she said.

Well, I’m sure it is, Miss Hong! Working experience triumphs over lectures anytime, any day! Unless the lecture’s being taken by a relief teacher, of course.

Anyways, I haven’t been to my old school in quite a while.

Perhaps it’s time to pay the vending machines- my previous teachers a visit?

Featured image: Straits Times

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