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S’porean Man Worked For 15 Years W/O CPF, Gets Compensated $130,000

Every now and then we hear of people getting treated unfairly at work.

Sometimes they are abused, and by the time we know about the incident, damage has already been done. Sometimes they fall into a scam where the money can never be recovered.

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Enough negativity!

Today, I’m going to share a piece of slightly happier news that ended on a good note (at least for the victim).

What happened

64-year-old Mr Lee worked as a delivery driver in 2 logistics company for over 15 years in total.

Both companies claimed that he was a contract worker and did not contribute to his CPF nor give him his rightful sick and annual leaves.

They claimed that he signed the “Contract for Service” and not the “Contract of Service”, according to Zao Bao.

The former means that he was treated as a contractor rather than a regular employee, which will then rip him off all benefits under the Employment Act.

How he got back his money

Through a work injury, Mr Lee heard from his friend that what his previous employers did were against the law.

He says that he was unsure of the legitimacy of what his friend said, but decided to contact Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for assistance.

After they explained to him the difference between a contractor and an employee, Mr Lee was sure that he was the latter.

“The car that I drive and the uniform that I wear are all given by the employer. That means I am an employee, not a contractor.”

What he has to say

Mr Lee opens up: “I am very thankful towards MOM for helping me to get back my $60,000 and $70,000 CPF from my previous two employers.”

He hopes that more people like him will approach MOM for help when they feel that they are treated unfairly at work.

Don’t be afraid that your case might be “small”, MOM is set up for a reason.

Well done, MOM!

In case you wish to know more about the things your boss cannot do to you in Singapore, do check out our video below!

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