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Ten things girls do that guys secretly love

As girls, you have a lot more power than you know over your guys. There are various little things you do, whether knowingly, unknowingly or subconsciously, that make guys go crazy, just that they do not want to admit it because they just don’t want to! Men…. *roll eyes*

Anyways, this is a list of the little things you girls do that guys secretly love. Trust me, although they seem indifferent on the outside, they are actually swooning on the inside and will want you to do more of those.

1) Play with your hair
No matter what type of hairstyle you sport, be it a ponytail, long hair etc., guys love to see you play with your hair or just swish it around fabulously once in a while. Even the simple action of tucking your hair behind your ears draws them in as to the guys, this is a cute action and you always look cute in their eyes when you play with your hair, especially when you let them tuck your hair behind your ears.

2) Giggle uncontrollably
Not only do guys find this childishly cute, you find them laughing or giggling along with you. After all, laughter is infectious.


3) Singing along to your favourite songs
Maybe on the outside, he might comment about your crappy vocals but deep down, no matter how craapy it sounds, he actually likes it because you see, singing is a form of showing happiness, so this shows you are happy and every guy likes to see their girls happy.

4) Nag at them once in a while
Every once in a while, guys like you to nag at them because it shows your care and concern for him. Plus, it is kind of cute to do so occasionally. Just don’t nag to often.

5) You take forever to get dressed up
On the surface, guys hate it because you tell them “5 minutes” and they end up waiting for half an hour. But deep down, they love it because they know that the main reason why you take so long is to look good FOR THEM and not for anyone else! Plus, it is not that easy to put on all that make-up and accessories. Honestly, it can be tedious but guys know that you ladies do it all just for the sake for looking good for them! Trust me, they might complain about the time but deep down, they appreciate it.

6) You ask him for advice
He’ll know that you value his opinions which is what counts.

7) When you bend down
You just look attractive when you do that!

8) When you act “damsel in distress” every once in a while
You will make him feel like he is needed and that he has a duty to protect you and love you. Again, don’t do this every time.

9) When you wear his clothes
Especially those that is two times your size. Yes, you look hilarious to him but deep down, he loves it. Not only is do you look cute, it shows that you want to be close to him.

10) When you make an effort to be friends with his friends
Every guy have his own clique of bros that he love hanging out with so if you can become good friends with his bros, not only will he appreciate the effort you put in, both of you might even just come in closer to each other. And of course, you won’t have to worry about the “he spend more time with his bros than me” complaints anymore!

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