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The 8 Most Annoying Things That Happen in Airports

1. When security checks get way too invasive than necessary.
I know, I know…this happens in the name of security and all, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. Some airports are quite relaxed about security, but many aren’t. You stumble to the front and do your best to quickly remove your phones, shoes, belts, jackets, and laptops while hoping the long line behind you isn’t cursing you for your tardiness. Maybe you forget to remove something metallic and then the friggin’ scanner blares. Step forward, then, for you’re about to get patted down in the most invasive ways ever. Me? I travel around with two laptops and often get funny looks from everyone when it comes to security. Or, as that Singaporean security uncle once asked me, “wah, two laptops arh?” to which I wanted to give a snappy response (I had just come in from a tiring 12 hour flight…please don’t blame me).


2. When the baggage claim area rocks out like a battlefield.
The most kiasu people will knock families, children, and old ladies aside with their big trolleys just to ensure they get a good spot in front of the baggage carousel. Baggage claim is always a nightmare. You fight with all your might just so you can grab your bags as soon as you see it.

3. When your flight delays and destroys your schedule.
My parents once had a flight delayed for so long that they had to spend a night in a Malaysian hotel (what?) instead of heading off to Russia as planned. My flight to Japan was delayed to the point where I missed out a couple of sights. Flight delays are nasty, nasty things and if you’re unfortunate, you may even miss your connecting flight. Let’s not forget the lovely time spent just pacing in the airport scrolling through your phone because you’re utterly bored.

4. When the Wi-Fi…wait for it…isn’t free.
Every time an airport attempts to charge you for Wi-Fi, a part of you dies a little inside.

5. When they totes overcharge you for EVERYTHING.
Baby-sized cups of hot chocolate can cost up to 8-10 dollars overseas if you’re unlucky. Or what about an 18-dollar sandwich that looks better than it tastes? Sure, it’s the airport so everything is bound to be a little more expensive, but THAT pricing is a super rip-off. The problem is that every time you walk away, your stomach reminds you of the fact that you’re in an AIRPORT and that you’re actually TRAVELING. And so you come crawling back for your 10-dollar hot chocolate and 18-dollar sandwich.
Oh, don’t forget the overpriced bottles of mineral water. Best time to charge you extra.

6. When children aren’t properly taken care of and are treating the airport like Disneyland.
Kids are great. Kids are fun. Kids AREN’T so much fun when they’re screaming and chasing each other up and down at potentially-dangerous areas like staircases, restaurants, and crowded waiting areas. Parents, we know taking care of your children can be a tiring, but please mind them properly so that we don’t end up knocking them over.

7. When you desperately wait for your seating zone to be called so that you can just GET ON THE PLANE.
You’re not First Class, Business Class, or whatever class that requires you to pay extra. Jk, you’re a peasant. That doesn’t mean you don’t get impatient when it comes to boarding, though. You literally hang onto the edge of your seat because you just want to get onto the plane. How many zones are there on these planes, anyway?

8. When you get randomly selected for those full-body checks or insane question-answer sessions.
No, I’m not a drug dealer. I’m not a terrorist. I’m travelling alone, but I’m a student and not some desperate illegal immigrant trying to get a green card or whatever. These airport staff would have better luck checking someone else.

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