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The brutally honest reason why you should NEVER patch up with your ex. Ever

To patch up or not to? To forgive or not to? Are you one of those that still have feelings for your ex?  If you are, this article is created just for you then. And we’ll tell you why you should never patch up with your ex ever.

Unresolved issues will remain unresolved
You shouldn’t patch up with your ex because unsettled matters will remain unsettled no matter how much you try. As much as you can try to compromise on reaching an agreement, or try to forget a particular thing that your partner has done to have hurt you, you will never be able to resolve that issue completely.


You can try to compromise or force yourself to forget, but that particular event will continue haunting you. As much as you try to forgive and to forget, trust us, you can’t. It’ll most likely remain as a niggling thought in the back of your mind and surface when you least expect it to.

Both of you didn’t work out for a reason
There’s always a reason why you all didn’t work out. Sometimes, its nobody’s fault, and you guys could have broke up simply because your personalities couldn’t complement each other. It’s tiring for someone to keep giving in even when he/she doesn’t like it. And sometimes it gets really hard on you when you always need to be the one saying sorry.

Yes, you can argue that time has passed, both of you are more mature and things have changed. But trust us, the core of your personality doesn’t change no matter how long time passed.

Simply because you should move on
And last but not least, just move on. There’s no reason to keep holding on to something that’s long gone. Try to be positive and look forward to the future. No more what ifs, no more overthinking.

Instead you should start afresh, ready to meet new challenges, and most importantly, be ready to meet the next guy that comes along. You guys broke up for a reason. And perhaps, the reason is for your heart to have the room for the right one.

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