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The hottest & most talked-about topics online in S’pore today you can’t miss

Here are the most talked about topics today on the last day of November. We’ve taken the liberty of looking for the hottest articles on the internet and presenting them for you all in one place! Remember to check us out every morning at 8.20am for the latest trending articles online in Singapore!

Mothership Sibling artists made to remove their art pieces from National Gallery Singapore, broke their hearts
They’ve worked hard on their pieces since July, and one of them is juggling PSLE and his passion, so when they were told that due to institution mandate miscommunication, their original number of 19 art pieces were cut down to 3.

newpaper New Zealand woos Singaporeans to move there
New Zealand has call for Singaporeans to migrate to their country, by comparing their less populated country versus Singapore and the quality of life. It was a repeat of their call in 2010.

newpaper Uber driver: Why kick me when I was down?
50-year-old LTA officer got into a fight with 59-year-old Uber driver. Uber driver admitted he started it and hurled vulgarities at the officer after he took pictures of his vehicle, but ask why kick me when I was down?

newpaperCelebs reveal their PSLE results
Celebs took to social media to reveal their surprising PSLE results. This goes to show that PSLE results isn’t everything, right?

newpaperBand of brothers: The extraordinary morale in 823 SIR
This officer’s post went viral, showing that even reservist personnel can be super garang also.

Today Online Johor Sultan bans vape stores in state
All vape stores in JB has to be closed by 1 Jan 2016, it has to do with health and effect on the young, not race or business.

newpaperVape stores in Johor must close by Jan 1
Johor is the first state to ban the sale of e-cigarette. Anyone who breaks the law will face consequences.

newpaperExclusive: Izwan goes to Japan for training stint


Singapore’s goalie will be going to Japan from tomorrow till next Monday, and if he earns a permanent contract with the Ptarmigans, he’ll be the first Singaporean footballer to be in the J. League.

And, that’s all for trending topics for today!

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