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The most haunted and scariest S’pore swimming pool ghost story

There is a very old swimming pool in the west side of Singapore. It has a different design from most of the public pools. Unlike the other pools that have their two ends less deep than the middle of pool, this old swimming has only 1 end that is the least deep. The rest of the pool just runs deeper and deeper.


One weekday night, a group of friends decided to go for a night swim when there is nobody else occupying the pool. They started swimming a few laps and exercised seriously. But they got bored.

1 friend suggested to just play in the water instead and he started to show off his diving skills. He brought them to the deepest end of the pool and started to jump in and went as deep as possible. He did that for a few time continuously. On his 4th jump, he went in really deep and tried to keep himself down as long as possible. His eyes wandered around while he was in the water. He spotted an item at a distance but he didn’t know what it was.

After he emerged from the water, he told the rest of the friends that he saw something but nobody believed his words. They said that it was merely dark and he saw wrongly. To prove that he was wrong, another person immediately put on his goggles and took a dive.

This person open his eyes wide and tried to take a clear look in all directions. And he saw something. He approached the object and tried to figure it out. He saw 5 thin things sticking out and as he got closer, he realise that it was a human hands. Instantly, he choked on the water and quickly went out of the water.

The rest still thought that it was a prank or a joke and this time, another friend went in. This friend saw a chunk of meat shaped like a log. It was a broken leg. He opened his mouth in shock, forgetting that he was underwater.

The last friend was forced to dive in to get a better look. His whole body shivered and he refused to go in but a push sent him down the pool. He struggled to breathe as he saw a whole body part. His eyes widened and his heart pumped twice as hard. As soon as he got out, he screamed for everyone to run.

All of their belonging were left by the poolside and they dashed towards the exit. At the exit, they saw a human figure and they heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that it may be a security guard. But the figure got nearer to them. It had the arms, the legs and the torso they saw. It was an intact body. They saw the head of the figure now. The figure smiled at them and waved.

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