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The reason why almost all S’pore school D&T rooms are haunted is exposed here

If you’ve spent your secondary school days in Singapore, chances are, you’ll have heard rumours that the D & T room in your school is haunted—regardless of what school you’re in. It’s almost like every single secondary school D & T room is haunted by the same ghost, but here’s the reason behind this.

Apparently, it all started from one school, but the urban legend didn’t state which school, or whether it was true. A student got into an accident in the D&T room, and died soon after.


A few days later, during a CCA camp, students started to hear screams from the D&T room. Some students heard the machine there running. A teacher decided to check it out, and found out that somehow, a machine was indeed running. He turned it off, and the next night, the machine was running again by itself.

This tale was so spooky that everyone avoided the room at night, and they told their friends about it. Initially, this story was just shared in that school—but the rumours started to lose its facts and some students from other schools thought it happened in their school.

Soon, after so many years of rumours, this story became the story to be told during camps in school. Whether students intentionally say it’s their school despite knowing it isn’t aren’t clear—what is clear is that decades of rumours have somehow made it one of the most popular ghost stories to be told.

So next time, if someone tells you that the D&T room is haunted, you know it could well be an old wife’s tale—that maybe it happened in another school before, but definitely not yours!

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