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The trick to make your face smaller when taking selfie

We all love to take selfies but we all know how difficult it is to produce that one selfie that we feel is worthy to be posted on our social media. This is especially true for all ladies out there. We have thousands of photos in our phones not because we take photos of everything but that we take tens of photos of our faces again and again.

We thought that we look good that day and that we have nice skin, that our makeup is nice too so our selfies won’t turn out too bad. But no matter which angle we take our selfies from, the photos turn out to make our faces round and fat. What do we do?

Here comes 1 little trick that has nothing to do with makeup, photo editing and breaking our arms by holding our phones at different angles. Just learn to pose. Here are some most useful poses.

Tilting chin
Don’t overdo this or you will look really weird. Check yourself in the camera and just tilt slightly such that you can’t see and double chin.


The V sign
Say peace. The V sign doesn’t only covers up part of your face to make some flesh disappear. It also gives an optical illusion of you having a v-line face and a sharp chin.

The diva
Put on a pair of sunglasses that are big enough to make your face look small. The contrast in size is what makes it work.

The bunch of hair
Grab some hair and cover the sides of your face to hide the fleshy parts. Strands of hair can work too.

The soft toy
Use your cute little things as props. Put them around your chin or to cover up the parts you don’t like.

Always smile
Doesn’t have to be a wide smile showing your teeth but when you smile, your face stretches and creates a naturally sharper chin. If you act cool with a poker face, you often find yourself having a rounded chin.

These are some posing tips to trick the eyes of others. Of course, feel free to still put on some makeup if you want the effect to be obvious. Have fun with your selfies!

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