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The way you hold your fist could reveal a lot about your personality!

When we are angry or excited, we usually curl our fingers into a fist. However, different people have different ways of clenching their fingers into a fist. The reason for these differences lie in their personalities! Try making one now and see which is your hand’s intuitive position! Then, check the picture above to see which is it – A, B or C in order from the left! This will reveal your external, internal and love personality!


If you chose A, you are likely to be sensitive and thoughtful. Sometimes, it’s almost as if you have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing other people’s innermost feelings. You have great curiosity in things around you and are not afraid to explore.

However, you also have a strong desire to be protected. You value loyalty and sincerity, but sometimes you think wrongly that others would also have these qualities. This results in misunderstandings and disappointment sometimes. However, you do know when to love and what to hate, differentiating your feelings very thoroughly.

Although you are not adept at expressing your love, you are very accommodating when it comes to accepting your other half’s mistakes. You are giving and generous, but sometimes suppress the expression of these emotions.



If you chose B, you are full of surprises with many talents. You are charismatic and outgoing, thus able to make friends no matter which situation you are in. You are confident and have a lot of pride, but you are also hardworking and hence, have reason to be proud of your achievements.

However, in actual fact, you are vulnerable and afraid of hurt and betrayal. You need a lot of encouragement and people to understand and accept you for who you are.

In love, you tend to think and worry too much. You fear change and find it hard to let go. Even though you crave companionship, you tend to push people away because you are afraid that they will dislike your inner self.



If you chose C, you are a creative and witty person who is clever with words. You are flexible and responsive. You are usually the peacemaker because you always think a lot from others’ perspective, but you can also worry too much.

You may have a lot going on in your mind, but most of the time, you choose not to say them out. You usually prefer to sacrifice yourself rather than hurting others’ feelings. You are a dreamer and crave for people to understand you and your aspirations.

You are not fond of love-or-die relationships, instead preferring a comfortable one where you can lead your lives peacefully and lovingly. Your greatest strength and also your weakness is your soft heart, which tends to make you forgive and forget no matter how seriously you were hurt.


*All images from buzzhearts.com

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