There’s A 24-Hour Money Changer ATM Located Right Outside Heartland Mall

What’s one thing every Singaporean looks forward to every single year?

Exam results day?



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@oohlala98: Then what?! You tell me lah! Then what?! Stop keeping us in suspense.


Going overseas and escaping the fast-pace life of Singapore, that’s what.

But before you can go for your fruitful holiday, there’s a couple of things you’ve got to do:

  • Look for a getaway destination
  • Convince your girl crush to go away with you on a wonderful weekend (if you’re single)
  • Book the tickets
  • Annnnnnnnnnd change your currency.

Now, we can’t help you with the first three steps (especially the second one ;)) but if you happen to be looking for a fast and easy way to change your currency?

We’ve got something for you.

Types of Money Changing Customers

Now, there are three main types of Singaporeans when it comes to selecting a moneychanger.

The first type is those who’s the typical Singaporean, and no matter what it takes, go for the best rates available.

Then, there are those who just want to get it over and done with as fast as possible.

And lastly, there are the workaholics who are not even able to get off work in time to get to a moneychanger.

Now, if you belong to the last group of hardworking individuals, don’t worry. Because now, there’s an ATM for changing money currency.

ATM Money Changer In The Northeast

Meet FX Buddy.

Image: FX Buddy Singapore Facebook Page

Now, this dude here might look like a blue, cute #scamalert machine that dispenses advisory notes instead of the Singapore dollar.

But it’s not.

It doesn’t dispense advisory notes. Nor does it give you Singapore dollars, unless you want it to, at least.

Instead, what this powerful blue machine does is, it’ll gobble up your Singapore dollar, and give it back to you in a foreign currency.

That’s right, blue is the new black.

24-Hour Operational

Similar to any other banks’ ATMs, this blue dude here doesn’t sleep and can give you your desired currency at any time of the night.

Image: Imgflip

Unless it runs out of money, that is.

10 Different Currencies

Currently, FX Buddy can buy and sell in 10 different currencies:

  • US dollars
  • British pounds
  • Euros
  • Malaysian Ringgit
  • Japanese Yen
  • Chinese yuan
  • Indonesian Rupiah
  • Thai Baht
  • Hong Kong Dollars
  • Australian Dollars

And you can pay via cash, NETS or PayNow.

But that’s not the best part.

Competitive Rates

The company promises that users will enjoy “competitive rates” when you exchange your money with them.

The machine is located right outside Heartland Mall at 205 Hougang Street 21.

Depending on how it’s received, there might just be more in the future, and not just in the northeast.

But one thing for sure: automation can really happen to anyone. After all, even if this ATM for changing currencies doesn’t work out, there’s an upcoming online moneychanging service in Singapore.


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