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There’s a New Chocolate Lava Cake in McCafe & It’s Sweetness Overload

Lava cakes are one of life’s greatest inventions; they are equivalent to a hug but better.

In Singapore, we have seen many iterations of the lava cake—salted egg yolk, salted caramel and peanut butter, and not forgetting the classic chocolate.

They all have one thing in common; once you cut open the soft layer of cake, you will be welcomed by a gooey filling that oozes out.

It is literal food porn if you ask me.

McCafe, the hipster sister of McDonald’s is known for its sweet treats and light bites, has just launched their very own lava cake.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore Facebook

Sticking to the classic chocolate flavour, I can already foresee it being popular amongst diners.

For those millennial foodies, don’t forget to capture the exact moment when the chocolate sauce cascades out.

Even netizens are pretty stoked about it as there are over 300 likes and 100 shares when McDonald’s announced the launch of the said lava cake on Facebook.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore Facebook

You can continue your chocolate feast with their Double Chocolate Frappe that has Oreo bits, whipped cream and (obviously) chocolate sauce.

Image: mcdonalds.com.sg

Okay, I am off to get myself one or maybe even two coz’ I am here for a good time, not a long time.


Featured image: McDonald’s Singapore Facebook

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