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This Gen Y girl tells you why she thinks parents should cane the kids

Physical punishments towards children has become a rather sensitive topic in this time and age but back in the past, it was the way of life, or at least, part and parcel of our childhood. Back then, it wasn’t unheard of to cane kids when they’re being exceptionally naughty. What some people don’t understand is the difference between caning as a punishment and caning as an abusive action.

As a Gen Y kid, I have been caned several times by my strict mother, and honestly, I turned out fine. No emotional scars whatsoever. And I think that parents should still cane the kids, but for the right reasons.

It makes them listen to you
Even if caning instills fear in them instead of respect, at the very least it makes them listen to the parents and learn to differentiate right from wrong. Don’t believe us? Go look at the kids today. They think they’re always right, even if they’re wrong.

It doesn’t pay to be kind
Let’s be honest. We’re humans, and we tend to focus on the negative aspect of things. Do you think they’ll remember better when they’re talked to, or when they get a bit of physical pain when they did something wrong.

It’s a wake up call
For those parents who have never caned their kids before, caning them when they commit a serious mistake will wake them up and let them know that yes, they’ve screwed up big time. Better not repeat the same mistake again.

Sometimes, attempting to reason just doesn’t work out
Especially for young kids, trying to reason with them tend to be almost impossible as they are simply too young to understand your logic. And by the time they grow up, they won’t bother listening to you since you let them get away with everything anyway.

It toughens them up for the real world
It serves as a lesson to these children. Better to teach them that they’re not invincible and they reap what they sow in the house where you can take care of them than if they’re outside and learning that lesson, right? No pain, no gain remember?

Caning teaches kids that there are consequences
Look at all the kids out there right now. They go about life doing whatever they want, saying whatever they want. Teach them that there are consequences, or one day, they might just find themselves screwing up so badly nothing can save them. All because you didn’t teach them that in life, there will always be consequences.

Caning doesn’t mean child abuse
Caning is a form of discipline. Child abuse means hitting the child for no reason other than to satisfy your own perverse pleasure. Cane them for the right reasons, not just because you are angry, and that isn’t child abuse.

It keeps them grounded
Caning them shows them that as parents, you are the higher authority. They won’t dare to step all over you and treat you like dirt. Again, just take a look at the kids outside and you’ll get what we mean.

You don’t let teachers discipline them
Teachers have been in the limelight because parents complain that the teachers disciplined their children. Well, parents, it’s time for you to step up and discipline your child rather than ruin someone else’s noble career because we all know that the moment your kid did something bad, you’ll go to school and ask why the school didn’t teach your kid properly.


The older generation turned out fine
Our parents and grandparents were probably caned a lot more than us – mostly even caned by using belts but still, they turned out decent, actually even much better and disciplined than the rowdy kids today. Don’t you think so too?

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