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This latest news about仔仔Vic Chou will make some of you cry

When Meteor Garden was widely popular in Southeast Asia more than ten years ago, girls (who should now be women) went absolutely gaga over仔仔Vic Chou, who played the cold, quiet and mysterious Hua Ze Lei. Some girls even cursed the protagonist Daoming Si for breaking up the relationship between Hua Ze Lei and Shan Cai, the female protagonist in the show.


With Meteor Garden propelling the careers of F4, each of them now went solo, with Vanness Wu now being one of the more successful and popular ones. But fans of Vic Zhou aren’t disappointed as well: he has been active in the entertainment industry, coming out with solo albums and acting in yet other popular dramas like战神MARS.

While news of him dating Reen Yu isn’t a secret, just yesterday, it is now revealed that both of them are getting married.

*Cue the cries of girls who are still hoping that they can marry the sensitive guy Hua Ze Lei*

According to Apple Daily, Reen Yu has been like a mother to Vic Chou, taking care of him by buying meals and doing his laundry. The news came as a shock even to Chou’s agent, who herself wasn’t aware of that until Chou posted on Weibo with an image of him and Yu showing their ring and saying, “Mrs Chou is really beautiful. Yes, we got married. We thank friends for their blessings.”

Apparently, Yu’s agent was aware of this a month ago, when she revealed that Chou had proposed while eating at home (so romantic, no?).

For some reason, both Chou’s and Yu’s agent told media that Yu isn’t pregnant.

In the F4 group, Vanness Wu is the first member to get married to a Singaporean, Arissa Cheo. Not sure if anyone’s heart broke then.

Whatever it is, it’s certainly one good news because eventually, all F4 members will get married and become uncles.

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