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Tired of your wife taking up your space on the bed? Do THIS

Married couples have lots of problems when they first start living together – seeing each other’s faces every day, stressing over bills that needs to be paid, fighting over who’s turn it is to do the chores among many others. And one such issue most couples would have, is fighting over bed space.

When you’re dating, you don’t get much chance to sleep together in bed for the whole night. Even if you’re in bed, you’re busy doing other things instead. But when you get married, that’s when you realize how your beautiful wife sleeps. Snoring, turning and kicking is one thing, but if she tend to hog the bed when she sleeps, you’re going to be in for a few sleepless nights, or more.

We’ve heard plenty of guys complain about how they’re left with a little bit of space on the bed to lie on because their wives migrated from their side of the bed to both sides of the bed, and the ladies can’t help themselves because, well, they’re asleep. And even when they’re confronted by their husbands, some just refused to admit to doing it.

Most guys just suck it up and deal with it, getting used to the sleeping habit of their significant other after a few months of interrupted sleep. Others take it up with their wives and come to a compromise with her. This guy, however, got so frustrated with the situation that he decided to do something drastic about it. Or at least, it seems drastic to us.

When we came across this story on the net, we knew we definitely have to share it with you.

So, the story goes that he decides that enough is enough, and asked his wife who she thinks hog the bed more – him or her? She admits that she does hog the bed, but at the same time, she believes that he does the same thing from time to time, so her answer was 50/50. After hearing her answer, he set out to prove her wrong by doing this.

He got their bedroom a laser for USD 39.95.

bed 3
Image: boredpanda.com

And measured his bed using a measuring tape to determine the center.

bed 1
Image: boredpanda.com

And then, proceed to divide the bed into two just like that.

bed 2
Image: boredpanda.com

And that’s how he won his argument. “In our house, there is no debate, only data.”

Well, we thought that was overkill. What do you think?

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