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The TPY Hawker Bully Allegedly Has a Dark History of ‘Smart’ Violence

With the closure of the incident that surrounds the chicken rice boss and a taxi driver, people have been putting their attention back to the Toa Payoh hawker centre bullying issue.

And this new information is so damning, it might just make you re-watch the video a few times.

In case you’ve forgotten what happened, here’s a brief recap. A video went viral, and one week later, the couple involved was identified.

While people were shocked at the lady’s occupation (a teacher bullying an old man—what kind of values is she imparting to others?), Lianhe Wanbao, the hero that found the identity of the couple, has reported another shocking revelation: the man allegedly has a history of violent behavior.

According to the report, a neighbour of the bully, whom I should name him TPY Bully (while his name is readily found everywhere, I think we should just give him the benefit of doubt…first), claimed that more than a year ago, he had been “bullied” by the TPY Bully as well.

The neighbour was in the lift and exited on his floor with two large bags of grocery when the TPY Bully seemingly knocked into him deliberately (not sure about you, but that’s just so familiar).

The neighbour wanted to confront him but the TPY Bully grabbed his wrist and said, “Hit me. I’m standing here for you to hit.”

It’s unknown whether there’s been any bad blood between the two prior to the event, but here’s the dark side of this: the TPY Bully has just used yet another sly and cunning way to “attack” others without having to face any serious consequences from the law.

The worst part of the story? The neighbour made a police report, and it turned out that the TPY Bully had also made a police report—and in his report, he alleged that the neighbour has hit him.

Plot twist much.

But this isn’t the end of the story. The neighbour also claimed, with evidence of a CCTV footage, that the TPY Bully has allegedly came back home one night with the gates closed as the security guard has stepped away.

Frustrated, he pried the gate open with his legs. Guess his shoulder isn’t the only part of his body that’s made of metal.

The last I know, most, if not all, condominiums in Singapore have gantries. I’ve no idea that a private apartment requires a guard to open a gate—isn’t that just like a military camp? And all of us who have done guard duties would know that you can never leave a gate unattended. Never.

In addition to these, the TPY Bully allegedly drives a Porchse, and is known to rev his engine loudly in the middle of the night.

Before anything, here’s something you should consider: this entire story is being told by one neighbour.

If this is untrue, then the TPY Bully must have had made someone really unhappy.

If this is true, then the TPY Bully would have made many Singaporeans really unhappy.


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