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Useful money-saving tips all couples should know when choosing your wedding venue

Marriages are made in heaven, but they are paid for on earth. While your wedding might be the most exciting event in your life, it is also an expensive one.

It has been estimated that the average wedding in Singapore will cost a couple around $30,000 or higher. Now that’s a sizeable sum of money for most young couples.

Knowing how tough things can be, we’d like to share a few ingenious ways to reduce your wedding venue costs. Deciding where to hold your wedding would also determine how big a hole it’s going to burn for your pocket.

Fortunately too, many wedding venues in Singapore do give you a dazzling and memorable wedding without the associated high costs.

Let’s take a look at some ideas and tips that can help you to reduce your wedding venue costs considerably.

Consider Off-Peak Season

Most wedding venues here charge a premium when you choose a wedding date during the peak season. If the both of you have a choice and are not superstitious, consider getting hitched during the off-peak season.

Incidentally, a good number of hotels and restaurants do offer discounts or value-for-money packages during their lull period. You just need a little effort by making a couple of calls to them.

By simply opting to have your wedding on a weekday during off-peak months, you could reduce your wedding venue costs by almost 20 to 30 percent.

Making Do Without 5-Stars Venues

There is a big difference in how much one pays when it comes to hotel star ratings. Instead of five-star establishments, having your wedding in a three-star hotel will help you to cut costs considerably.

You might not know this, but star ratings only serve to inform guests the differences in a hotel’s rooms and facilities. However, that does not mean the food quality in non-five-star hotels are in any way inferior.

Another good strategy is to hold your wedding banquet in places such as the Orchid Country Club,D’[email protected] East or perhaps Burkill Hall located within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where a nicely restored colonial house overlooks the National Orchid Garden.

The classy atmosphere in these venues are not compromised but yet is reasonable in cost.

Go Budget For Wedding Venues

Wedding couples looking to save wedding venue costs in Singapore can also consider unique places such as the neighbourhood community club halls, local parks or places of worship.

Be advised that venues such as community clubs are unfurnished and you will need to set things up from scratch including tables & chairs arrangements, decorations, AV equipment etc. Aside from being relatively cheaper, you also need to hire your own decorator and caterer.

For couples who are keen to explore this option, you can contact a list of community clubs in Singapore to make queries and facility booking via the People’s Association website for your intended venue.

If you decide to go green, you’ll be happy to know there are many beautiful indoor and outdoor park venues locally, where you can hold a perfect garden wedding. Charges vary for different locations, and again do take note you will need to hire a professional decorator to perk up the place.

Lastly, if you plan to perform your holy matrimony in places of worship, contact them ahead of time and enquire if their premises are open to the public for weddings.

Save With a Daytime Wedding Reception

Some couples might not know of this wedding venue cost saving tip: Daytime weddings are actually a whole lot cheaper than evening ones.

Not only are dinner meals more expensive than lunch fares, venues also charge more for drinks since people tend to drink more in the evenings. Even so, do remember to limit those drinks.

Many hotels and restaurants tend to charge a fair bit for drinks and liquor that they serve during weddings. This is more often than not a common overlooked cost, and it can often incur quite a large sum of money.

Even if you bring your own wine or champagne for the day, the venue is entitled to charge corkage fees, which can also add up.

Haste Not – Get Several Quotations First

Unless you have a particular venue in mind or you are rather picky about it; it is always wise to obtain several quotations from different venues to know who will offer you a better deal.

While you may be trying to cut cost, that does not mean your choices are acutely limited because there are many budget-friendly wedding venues in Singapore.

Once you have shortlisted the candidates, call each one to further discuss the best rate or package they could offer. This way, you would be likelier to clinch a deal that is favourable for your pocket.

Book Early – The Early Bird Gets The Worm!

We also recommend booking the venue early – in fact as early as 8 months to a year before your wedding date.

This may help you to negotiate a lower rate with venue operators, and since you have more than enough time, you are also not under pressure to book a venue that ask for a higher price.

You can even shortlist a couple of venues which you like and let them compete for your business.

Consider DIY

Unleash those creativity! You can have a pretty ceremony and save some money by roping in your friends to help DIY your wedding décor at the venue.

Tulle or ribbons can be used for making attractive bows to put on the pews or rows of chairs. To purchase big rolls of them, you can find them at reasonable prices in textile shops located along Arab Street.


To bring up the venue’s atmosphere on a budget, you could also rent potted plants from the local nursery and line them up at focal points, or you could lay down creative designs using loose flower petals on the aisle.

This may sound a little old school but everyone loves a festive mood setting. Why not try using white Christmas lights, so it could brighten up your entire wedding venue in the evening.

Reduce Transportation Costs

You can cut down on transportation costs considerably by choosing a wedding venue that provides free shuttle service or is located near an MRT station. This way, you won’t be obliged to make transport arrangements for your guests and incur additional costs.

Host Ceremony and Banquet At The Same Venue

It makes sense to have your solemnization, customary ceremony and meals all in the same venue because you won’t need to spend money on different venues for them.

For example, if you hold your event in a local park, you only pay for a minimum 4-hour period which starts from $500, depending on its location and the type of facility.

Just to book a separate venue for your solemnization could set you back for a few thousand additional dollars, not inclusive of the light refreshments and drinks for guests.

You need to be aware that wedding expenses can add up quickly, but you can stay on budget with these suggested money-saving strategies from us. Happy planning!


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