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What your girlfriend wants but never asks for them explicitly

As they say, the hardest people on earth to understand are women. Women are fickle, they are mysterious and they often don’t mean what they say. In a relationship, boyfriends spent half the time scratching their heads while girlfriends spend half the time throwing tantrums. So, what is it that girlfriends really want?


She wants you to hug her any time, any where. She wants you to hold her hand even at home. She wants to feel your touch while you’re simply lying on the sofa, binging on shows. Skinship, in other words touching, should feel like a natural everyday habit. You don’t hug her because it’s a special day. You don’t hold her hands only when you’re out. To her, such little gestures mean a lot. They show the kinds of things you 2 experienced together. Such habits should come as a kind language between 2 lovers.

She wants you to show your love. Whisper the magical “I love you” in her ears when you’re alone with her. Like the feelings of touch, those 3 words are not for nothing. If you don’t tell her, she won’t know. She won’t feel secure. She won’t feel loved enough. Be it with your friends, family or out in public, show her the same love you shower her when alone. It doesn’t matter if the whole world is watching. Hug her as you would. Kiss her if you would.

She wants your time, your company, soul. No matter how busy it is, surprise her with little affections. Show her you care. Give her the attention you will give no others. A last-minute dinner. A bouquet of flowers. 2 tickets to a concert she’s been wanting to go. A letter that shows your true feelings. For no special occasion. For no special meaning. Simply for the special her.

What she needs is to be the unique person to you. What she wants is to be by you. What she loves more than anything is you.

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