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What your horoscope tells you about how 2016 is going to be like

Your patience will be tested this year. This year will be relatively stable and smooth-sailing for you, with uninterrupted routines in general. If you put in more effort into your work, you will definitely gain some recognition so don’t knock off on the dot! Taking vacations will also widen your horizons and give you some invaluable experiences.

Your love life will be quite fulfilling this year and for those who are married, it’s possible that you will get a new addition in your family. Your finances will be relatively stable so it’s a good time to invest or take some risks. You will be able to end the year with pretty big achievements if you watch over your health and family.

You will crave for a genuine sense of belonging and probably resolve this with a big redecorating project or even moving house. For those who are attached, it’s also a good time to consider cohabitation or marriage, after some serious consideration. Women will have good luck with investment opportunities but all Geminis will have to watch their spending carefully to prepare for unexpected rainy days.

Socialising will be a huge part of your life and make some big impacts on your career. Partnerships will also be vital in achieving big things. It is also a good year to develop your career steadily, but be prepared for a lot of work if you do get promoted. Singles will have a good playing field but for those in a relationship, they would have to watch out for pressure surrounding weddings or babies.

You will maintain a relatively cool and composed demeanor throughout the year. If you are feeling creative, you will be able to pick up a new hobby or two and for those specialising in things like music or art, grab the opportunity to come up with amazing creations. You will gain respect from others if you work hard and also reap monetary rewards. This is also a good year for settling down in relationships.

Get ready to party and go wild this year. Freedom and excitement abounds this year, making 2016 all about taking risks that will pay off. However, with new things come mistakes, so don’t self-criticise too much. You will also have to take note of what you say and don’t shoot your mouth off. Domestic and romantic relationships may be plagued by some issues, but hold up and you will be fine.

This year will feel surreal and slow-paced but don’t waste it. You will have to learn to let go and it is also high time for you to break away from unhealthy habits. Quit smoking, start to exercise or even get active by travelling. You will also be open to new experiences so take this time to start a brand-new relationship or introduce new elements into your existing one.

The past three years might have been kind of overwhelming but don’t worry, 2016 is going to be okay. You will experience stability that lets you catch your breath after all that’s happened. Take action to carry out your dreams and desires. This is also a good year for self-improvement and self-exploration, possibly with your partner.

You will be full of vitality so it is a good year to start a more leisurely exercise regime. Your career will also develop rather well and you will have opportunities to work with bigshots. Revamp your wardrobe to get that bit of sophistication. You will exude charisma and charm most of this year, so make use of it to find The One. However, before making any huge decisions, do a lot of thinking about it as you may tend to misjudge people.

You will deviate from your usual practicality and become slightly more excitable and spiritual. Try not to rely too much on your emotions or intuition. You can find satisfaction in more spiritual acts such as meditation, taking up art lessons or even volunteering. This is also a good opportunity for you to travel and rediscover yourself, and also get to know someone special from another culture or background.

This year is buzzing with romance for you. Also, you can take risks and stretch your boundaries with property investment, impulse vacations or even getting hitched. You will get a lot of support for your career development. However, don’t get too worked up about it and allow yourself to catch a breath sometimes.


You will experience some cases of serendipity this year, be it meeting a long-lost friend or your soulmate. Cross-cultural experiences will form a big part of your year so you will have to stay open-minded. It is also a good year to go serious with your significant other. Career-wise, it is good to take on anything, even minor tasks, as they will help you in all ways to get that promotion.

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