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Woman broke off with boyfriend coz CNY dinner was too “cheap”

The most “amazing” things happen in China, and today,  is sharing another one of such “amazing” happenings in the central plains. While we’re having our daily dose of online news, we came across an article in the headlines that goes like this: Well-off woman in China dumps BF after being served ‘humble’ CNY dinner at his house. And we decided to take a look.

Before knowing the ending, this couple sure seemed like a perfect Disney love story. She is from a well-off family in Shanghai while he came from a relatively poor village in Jiangxi Province. Love crosses all boundaries and social status isn’t an obstacle when it comes to true love. Romantic enough, but like all great literature, it is doomed to be a tragedy.

They’ve been together for a year, but the woman’s parents had objected to their relationship as her boyfriend was incapable of buying a house for their marriage. Typical Korean drama plot. They loved each other, and so felt that the relationship was strong enough to carry on.

But we guess she didn’t expect the extent of his poverty. When she decided to visit his home for Chinese New Year, she was shocked and put off upon seeing the poor environment and harsh conditions that the family lived in. And when he served his ‘humble dishes’ for dinner, she finally had enough, and decided to break up with him.

We can certainly understand why she broke up with him (security is a very big issue), but why she felt the need to talk about it online, we’ll never understand.

We do feel really sorry for the guy, but at the same time, we think that he is a lucky as well because she broke up with him at this stage in the relationship.. Can you imagine what would happen if they get married? The reason for divorce would go along the lines of: “He cannot afford the soft luxury toilet papers and my noble ass surely can’t handle that.”

(info source: https://www.facebook.com/cctvnewschina/)

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