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Woman Stole Shoes Left Outside an HDB Flat #LikeaBoss

How much would you pay for a pair of shoes? If you said $0, congratulations, you think like this lady. (Hint: it’s not a compliment.)

In Blk 171 Toa Payoh Lorong 1, at around 3.34 a.m. on 10 March 2017, a woman was spotted stealing a pair of white shoes from a shoe rack along the HDB corridor. The woman was walking across the lift lobby, according to the CCTV records. After a few seconds, she returned, and began inspecting shoes.

In fact, she looked like she was shopping, as she picked up a pair and scrutinized it like you would at a sale.


But this ‘sale’ has no price tags, and you pay for it by going to jail.

Ok, I’m not too sure about the jail part, but it’s definitely a crime.

The lady just walked away with the pair of shoes like she owned them, and it was only later when the owner was informed by her colleague, that the theft was discovered. The thing was, the victim’s family had already had their shoes stolen before. The first time was the husband’s shoes, and this time it’s the daughter’s.

Can people really not afford shoes? Why would people wear somebody else’s shoes? They’re just shoes, for crying out loud.

The husband is currently intending to file a police report.

I guess when your parents tell you to keep your shoes in the house (Nobody? Just me?), there’s a very good reason. And that reason is people who really like other people’s shoes.

Featured Image: stomp.com.sg

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