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You won’t believe the benefit of using salt water to wash your hair…

To all girls:

Are you often hesitant about entering the sea because of the knots that you’ll have to untangle afterwards?

Are you often contemplating if the time in the sea is worth it given the amount of time you’ll spend combing your hair in the bathroom?

Its time to think again!

Experts have realised that saltwater can actually benefit for your hair!

Salt water is rich in vitamins and minerals which has an anti-biotic effect on your hair. And salt has been used as a medicine since the dawn of time! Furthermore, it is found out that salt can actually help to cure scalp or hair related problems!

Making it smoother and shinier and thicker
Are you someone who spams hair products on your hair to ensure that it looks shining and presentable at all times? Then its high time for you to use sea salt! Researchers have realised that using excessive hair products in a day will weigh down your hair and make it even flatter. Sea Salt will actually help to remove the junk in your hair, adding volume to your hair at the same time.

Remove dandruffs
Do you suffer from dandruff problems often and feel clueless about it?  knows that it is embarrassing when someone notices the dandruff that falls off your clothes, especially when you are trying to impress your partner on the first date or with a pal that you haven’t seen in a long time. Try using saltwater while bathing and you’ll be astonished at the results that you’ll see!

No more oily hair
Salt has the ability to remove excess oil from your hair, making it smoother and shinier.

So hesitate no more and rush down to your nearest mall to get sea salt to moisturise your hair!


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