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You’ll go crazy knowing the benefits of clothespin on ears

Have you been suffering from chronic pain in your shoulders, back, lower back or other parts of your body? We came across this ultra-simple method of relieving pain from these areas. Of course, this is something you can apply on yourself, but if your condition is serious or the pain is debilitating, we’d still recommend that you go to a doctor to get yourself checked out.

So, what does this super simple method consist of, and what do you need? You’d need your ears, and a clothespin. That’s all. According to what we found, the method works based on reflexology, where you remove pain by pushing on several points found on the body.

A simple illustration would be you placing your thumb and index fingers on the top of the bridge of your nose and applying pressure, this would go a long way in relieving that bad headache that you have.


So, why the ears? The ears has numerous nerve endings, and with the help of a clothespin to apply pressure on specific points, will help to remove pain from various parts of the body.

Shoulders & Back

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Placing pressure on this point for about a minute will work wonders in making pain and tension in your shoulders and back go away; try doing this several times a day to alleviate back and shoulder aches.


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If the pain is extreme, please see a doctor immediately, but if you only experienced minor discomfort, try to use your fingers or the clothespin on this spot.


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If you have chronic joints problem, you should probably get to a doctor but for fast relief, do this while you’re on the way.

Sinuses & Throat

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Having a flu or running nose? Applying pressure on this spot might just work wonders in relieving sore throat.


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If you often have indigestion problems, this could just be your sweet spot. In fact, you can even do this first to prevent indigestion.

Head and Heart

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Apply pressure here often can improve heart health; if you have a headache, try applying pressure here instead of just above the bridge of your nose!

Oh, and if you have any piercings in your ear on any spot, we’d recommend that you take the studs out before you put the clothespin on.

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